1. JUNE 16th - DECEMBER 31st  /  2018


    Exhibition at Global Center for Latvian Art. Cēsis. Latvia

  2. MAY 21st - MAY 25th  /  2018


    University of Porto, Portugal

    21 a 25 maio 2018
    Galeria do 1º Andar

    Oficinas de GravuraPRINT PROPOSALS é uma série de exposições com os artistas convidados no âmbito da Pós-graduação em gravura e programa PURE PRINT PORTO. Guntars Sietiņš & Janis Murovkis, apresentam gravuras .

  3. APRIL 1st - MAY 6th  /  2018


    Ikeda Art Museum, Urasa, Niigata, Japan

  4. FEBRUARY 2nd - MARCH 18th  /  2018

    ORIGIN / Fabric as a Concept and Material of Latvian Identity

    The Project of the Art Academy of Latvia at Riga Art Space

  5. JANUARY 24th  /  2018


    A lecture at the National Library of Latvia

  6. OCTOBER 7th - OCTOBER 29th  /  2017


    Exhibition at the Hall of Awa Japanese Paper Museum “Inbe Art Space" Tokushima, Japan

  7. AUGUST 11th - SEPTEMBER 11th  /  2017


    Large scale screen prints exhibition Shut Up!

  8. MAY  /  2017

    The facsimile of the first issue of Catechismus Catholicorum in Latvian (1585)

    Canisius, Petrus (Hondt, Peter, 1521–1597).  

    CATECHISMVS | Catholicorum. | = Ißcige pam-|macißchen/ no thems | Paprekßche Galwe gab-|blems Chrißtites macibes. | Prexßkan thems nemaci-|gems vnd iounems | bernems. | Cour | Kungam Petrum Canißium/ | thaes Schwetes rakßtes | Doctor. | - Ehßpreßtcz Vilne Pille/ Litto-|urre Semmen/ pi Danielem Lan-|cicienßem expan[!] tho gadde. | 1585.

    Artists: Ineta Berkmane and Jānis Murovskis (Muretart)
    Book binding and packaging designer: Ilizane Grīnberga

  9. MARCH  /  2017


    FORMOSA. The Beautiful Isle


    Catalogue for the exibition "FORMOSA. The Beautiful Isle" receives the Prize in National Book Design competition "Zelta Ābele 2016" as the most beautiful Latvian Art Book of the year.


    Publisher: MURETART

    Designer: Ineta Berkmane

  10. 2016

    Rīgas pils / Riga Castle

    Latvijas Valsts Prezidenta kancelejas telpas / Office of the President of the Republic of Latvia

    "Decembris" screen print on canvas 150x100cm   2015

    "Februāris" screen print on canvas 150x100cm   2015

  11. OCTOBER 19TH - NOVEMBER 6TH / 2016

    Jurmala City Museum "FORMOSA. Beautiful Isle"

    Opening on October 19th, 2016, at 6pm

  12. JULY 30TH - AUGUST 21ST / 2016

    Taoyuan International Exhibition "Expanding the Scope of Printmaking"

    Opening on July 30th, 2016, at 3pm

  13. FEBRUARY 5TH  -  APRIL 10  /  2016
    Opening on February 5th, 2016, at 4pm
  14. OCTOBER 23  -  NOVEMBER 12  /  2015
    Screen prints FRAGILE STRUCTURES and FLOATING CONSTRUCTIONS participates in group exhibition "Anthology of Latvian Graphics 20 - 21st cenutry" at Art House, Krasnoyarsk, Russia.
  15. OCTOBER 5 - 15  /  2015  / WORKSHOP


    4th International Latgale Graphic Symposium in Daugavpils, Mark Rothko Art Cener (Latvia)


  16. SEPTEMBER 26 - NOVEMBER 8  /  2015


    ITS SNOWING participates in the 2nd Screening for Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial 2015


    Tama Art University Museum, TOKYO, JAPAN




  17. SEPTEMBER 1 - NOVEMBER 1  /  2015


    Screen print SPRING participates in exhibition MAP OF THE NEW ART



    Island of Saint Giorgio Maggiore





    APRIL  /  2015


    The Incomprehensible Feeling of Happiness


    Catalogue for the exibition series "Inconceivable sense of distance" receives the prise in "Zelta Ābele 2014" as the most beautiful Latvian art book of the year.


    Publisher: MURETART

    Catalogue published with the financial support of the State Culture Capital FoundationMinistry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China and the Taipei Mission in Latvia





  19. JANUARY 22 - MARCH 14  / 2015


    Screen Print MILK participates in exhibition at IPCNY - International Print Center New York



    50/50: New Prints 2015/Winter


    "International Print Center New York (IPCNY) presents 50/50: New Prints 2015/Winter an exhibition featuring forty-five prints by thirty-four artists selected by a committee of print specialists from over 2,000 submissions. Opening IPCNY's 15th Anniversary year, 50/50: New Prints 2015/Winter is the fiftieth in this unique exhibition series. With all prints required to have been made within the past year, these shows bring to the fore new trends, talents and techniques as they emerge in the field of contemporary printmaking. Many mediums of printmaking are represented, including etching, lithography, silkscreen, and relief. " (






    JANUARY 23 - FEBRUARY 2  /  2015


    Solo exhibition at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan